Long-term car rental


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There will certainly be situations in life when a long-term car rental is unavoidable. For example, you want to go on vacation with your family or friends, or for some other reason you have the desire or obligation to travel around Estonia. The advantage of a long-term car rental (i.e. a rental period of 1 month or longer) is savings on fixed costs, which can be very expensive when owning a personal car.

Kalamaja car rental offers a high-quality car rental service with which you can comfortably travel anywhere in Estonia. Whether it is a long-term car rental in Tartu, Pärnu or another location, or a short-term vacation somewhere near Tallinn. Any wishes you have - we ensure maximum comfort and experience through vehicles and user-friendliness.

On the website you can find all the necessary information and a solution that meets your wishes. Our car park is located on Uus-Kalamaja street in Tallinn, where the rental starts.


There are many different international car rental companies on the market, such as Avis car rental and Citybee car rental. Our goal is to offer an uncompromising solution of both - quality with a reasonable price. Our advantage is lower-than-average prices, a quick process and valuing our customers. We have a collegial attitude and thus almost all of our users become regular customers who use our service several times a year.


More and more can mean consumer behavior that focuses on renting instead of owning. This is largely due to people realizing that frugal behavior makes more sense than spending big. On our website, it is easy for a private person to find a suitable long-term rental car.
The car can be rented by all holders of driver's licenses of the corresponding category, who have at least 2 years since receiving their first driver's license. If the renter still has his first driver's license, we recommend contacting us via e-mail/contact form, we will review the request and give our own response.


Kalamaja car rental has created a simple and reliable solution for its business customers as well. On our website, business customers can find a suitable vehicle that gives them the freedom to do their business.


The average car owner spends approx 300 euros to cover various expenses (Estonian Statistics Office 2020). Siinkohal tasuks lähemalt uurida, mis on pikaajalise autorendi eelised:

Savings on fixed costs

If you find that buying a car is not reasonable or possible and you only want to use the car on special occasions, the best way is to rent a car at a low price. In addition to the fact that we have one of the most affordable rental prices on the market, you also save on maintenance and insurance fees and other related costs.


Do you want to go on vacation to the other side of Estonia? Instead of taking a bus, you can choose a cheap car rental and travel without limits and without making compromises. We also have a large selection of cars, so if you wish, you can get maximum luxury in addition to comfort.

You save the environment

We only rent vehicles in excellent condition and economical. Car rental reduces overall consumption. Renting a car = less burden on the environment.